The purpose of page is to give a high level overview of the ROC server API.


A namespace that corresponds to some-real world region or organization, e.g., Ghana, USA, KhanAcademy, LE, etc.

  • Examples and .

The Global jurisdiction, , is used for ROC data model constants (e.g. digitzation_methods, content_kinds, publication_statuses).

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Controlled vocabularies and terms

The digital representation of curriculum standards metadata types described below is based on terms chosen from controlled vocabularies defined within the context of a jurisdiction. All examples show in this section assume jurisdiction=Ghana.

  • Browse : all controlled vocabularies define within the Ghana jurisdiction

  • Browse : the Ghana grade levels vocabulary, see also standards-ghana/terms/GradeLevels.

  • Browse : a webpage with human-readable info about the term “Basic 4”

  • GET : metadata for term B4 as JSON

Term relations


Standards documents and standard nodes



Standards crosswalks



Content collections and content nodes




Content correlations