ROC Data Model

The Repository Organized Curriculums (ROC) data model consists can be used to curriculum alignment data including curriculum standards, content correlations (content-standard links), and standards crosswalks (standard-standard links).

The summary section provides a condensed overview of all objects, with more details provided in following sections.


The following list contains all the different types of objects in the ROC data model. For each model, we provide links to the model definition (Django model class), auto-generated “rocdocs”, schema notes, and an example.

The ROC data model can also represent the following types of relations:

Prior work

The Repository of Organized Curriculums (ROC) data model is heavily inspired by the following prior work:

Overview of all models

_images/standards_models__terms_standards_content.pngThe combined data model of all


  • Jurisdiction: a country or an organization that publishes curriculum data. model, rocdocs, example.

Controlled vocabularies and terms