Controlled vocabulary terms

Can be loaded using individual commands like:

./ createjurisdiction --name Global --display_name "Global Terms" --language "en"
./ loadterms data/terms/ContentRelationKinds.yml

but too numerous…

Instead load using fab command:

fab load_terms

which will create all relevant jurisdictions and load all controlled vocabularies from the corresponding GitHub repositories. See source code for details.

Examples terms YAML data

Create controlled vocabularies and terms

  1. Create GitHub repo where you will store the data.

  2. Add folder called terms/ in the repo.

  3. Add YAML data file in format similar to the examples shown above.

You can now use the command ./ loadterms <URL> to import the controlled vocabulary data into your local rocserver instance, where <URL> is the full path of the “raw” file hosted on GitHub.

Uploading controlled vocabularies and terms using a spreadsheet

  1. Prepare data using the spreadsheet template TODOLINK

  2. Upload data using the form at TODOLINK

  3. Verify and review uploaded data was correctly parsed and validated. Go back to step 1 if something doesn’t look right.

  4. Change status to publicdraft so other users will be able to view the data.